3D Family: Manolito y su Trabuco

To Italian Promoters the Cuban salsa/timba group Manolito y su Trabuco will be on tour in june 2004 in Europe.I'm urgently looking for additional concerts to complete their touring schedule. Here are their schedule: 04/06/04: AVAILABLE05/06/04: Les Arenes de Bayonne - Anglet (France)06/06/04: AVAILABLE07/06/04: AVAILABLE08/06/04: AVAILABLE09/06/04: Central Station - Darmstadt (Germany)10/06/04: Das Ulmer Zelt - Ulm (Germany)11/06/04: L'atelier volant - Lausanne (Switzerland)12/06/04: Latin Palace - Zurich (Switzerland)13/06/04: Y Salsa -St Barde (France)14/06/04: AVAILABLE15/06/04: AVAILABLE16/06/04: AVAILABLE17/06/04: Melkweg - Amsterdam (Netherlands) 18/06/04: La Noche - Lille (France)19/06/04: AVAILABLE20/06/04: Festival Mundial - Tilburg (Netherlands) 21/06/04: Rencontres D'Jazz - Nevers (France)22/06/04: AVAILABLE23/06/04: AVAILABLE24/06/04: AVAILABLE22/06/04: AVAILABLE23/06/04: AVAILABLE24/06/04: AVAILABLE25/06/04: AVAILABLE26/06/04: AVAILABLE27/06/04: AVAILABLE Please feel free to get back to me if you need further information and want to be informed about costs and other details. Fabrice Gogendeau(3D Family - Paris/France)ph : ++33-240-245-377e-mail: prod@3dfamily.org MANOLITO Y SU TRABUCO (Cuba)The number one timba band in Havana has released a new album that promises to stir up a lot of evenings: "Se Rompieron los Termometros" marks a new stage in the history of Cuban dance music. With "El Diablo Colorao" and "El Paso de Encarnacion" playing endlessly on the island's radio stations, the group's success is not in doubt. It filled the halls of all the European festivals this past summer. Manuel Simonet (piano) has gone from strength to strength as an arranger and bandleader, and his choice of singers is visionary. Here there is a magnificent trio that marries all different styles. El Indio - one of the really big names in Cuban singers and a remarkable improviser - embodies tradition, while the young Ricardo Amaray places his emphasis on the sensuality of Latin pop. The newcomer Calunga reveals perfect handling of the romantic repertory, particularly in the unforgettable ballad "Linda melodia". The band is a true stage machine (15 musicians including string and brass sections) and they shine particularly with the quality of their arrangements and the slick style of their execution, without ever losing sight of the fact that timba is all about dancing.