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ON TOUR IN MAY 2004 DAVID MURRAY LATIN BIG BAND DON'T MISS THIS TOUR !!!!! 13/05/04: Auditorium Di Roma - Roma (Italy)15/05/04: Cultural Center - Podgorica (Montenegro)16/05/04: New Conversation / Vicenza 2004 - Vicenza (Italy)18/05/04: Blue Note - Milano (Italy)19/05/04: Blue Note - Milano (Italy)20/05/04: Blue Note - Milano (Italy)21/05/04: Porgy & Bess - Vienna (Austria)22/05/04: Porgy & Bess - Vienna (Austria)23/05/04: Jazz Club Unterfahrt - Munich (Germany)24/05/04: Jazzit Club - Salzburg (Austria)25/05/04: De Doelen - Rotterdam (Netherlands)26/05/04: Central Station - Darmstadt (Germany)27/05/04: Taffelhalle - Nuremberg (Germany)28/05/04: Moers Music Festival - Moers (Germany)29/05/04: Jazz in Duketown - Den Bosch (Netherlands) THE LINE-UPDavid Murray - Tenor saxOrlando Sanchez Soto - Tenor sax Irving Luichel Acao Sierra - Tenor saxMoises Marquez Loyva - Baritone Ariel Bringuez Ruiz - Alto SaxRoman Filiu O'Reilly - Alto saxDenis Cuni Rodriguez - Trombone Heikel Fabian Trimino - Trombone Amauri Perez Rodriguez - TromboneRafael Gavilan Cana - Trumpet Bacilio Marquez Richard - Trumpet Alexander Brown Cabrera - Trumpet Narciso Reyes Hernandez - Doublebass Roberto Carcasses Colon - Piano Yuniel Sanchez Milanes - Tumbadora Oliver Valdes Rey - Drums ABOUT THE LATIN BIG BANDA breath of fresh air. That's the immediate effect you get from David Murray's big band. Supported by his long-time partners, among whom stand Craig Harris, Hugh Ragin and Hamiet Bluiett, but above all, the cream of Havana's musicians like the percussionist Changuito, Manolito Simonet and José Luis "El Tosco" Cortez, each of whom offers his own original arrangement, as well as the less well-known, like the drummer Piloto, pianist Miguel Angel de Amas or first trumpet Chapotin. David's music goes Latin, taking on the Island's subtle colors, the hard swinging american rhythms driven by the swift power of the cuban clavé. David's big sound pours out of his solos, concomitantly clean and loyal to his searching open-minded spirit. Day and night they traded ideas and sounds, then recorded it, setting their sights on perfection without eliminating the live dimension of this encounter. It may seem like years that David Murray has been exploring the world of music, tracing his roots while also defining the shape of his and our inevitably hybrid future, but it only took two weeks for this meeting of worlds to seem like it had to come to pass. Careful listening to Alexander Brown Cabrera's trumpet solo, or the alto solo by German Velasco Urdeliz on the magnificent piece "Crystal," which takes the album to the limits of free jazz and celebrates the arrival in this world of the newest member of the family, should convince even those who remain skeptical about the qualities of these young Cuban jazzmen, who manage to surf on all the waves without coming adrift with the pull of transient fashions. The true insight of the tenor from the lofts of New York, has been, contrary to those of the previous generation, to give full range to these young voices, which represent a new, vibrant force that is as at home in lengthy improvs as they are in decisively written pieces. Although they come from all over the island, none hesitated to answer the call of the saxophonist, who had long been a source of fascination for them all. Each arrived with memories of music school still fresh, yet the desire to go further with their music to the sorts of place where music lessons go up in smoke in the heat of moment. Whether this is jazz or not is a matter of no interest for them, even though they do suffer from a certain inferiority complex with regard to their North-American cousins. But they clearly have no reason to feel this way given their ability to play naturally on their gift of ubiquity, bringing to the complex structures of big band jazz their rhythmical suppleness and their harmonic richness. Even when they follow the line as closely as they can, their intoxicating interpretations full of warm colors ring through. There is no doubt that we'll be hearing more about the young sax players Roman Feliu O'Reilly (alto) and Irvin Luichel Acao Sierra (tenor). It's just going to be a matter of time - the time it takes them to realize what they're worth.They have already been touring the world stages with David Murray, who remains a model for them. And there is no doubt that Murray, who came to music from the gospel tradition of his family and the militant soul of the 70s, is now at the apogee of his art, and how! He has the power to astound both in his ability to take off on huge, even monumental improvs and his subtle and increasingly confident work on partitions. After years of (over)-production, in all senses of the word, he now has the time to concentrate and re-center his energy and his message. His work shows greater attention to melody, which he inevitably transcends with an uncanny lyricism. There is less work being produced, but this less is also a very big more. Which does not mean to imply that he is retreating into himself. On the contrary, the past ten years have seen him rejecting any temptation to settle into a certain jazz identity by cutting the ground out from under his feet, challenging his prior accomplishments and adopting a quest of endless discovery. He's been seen mingling with the bio-diversity of Senegalese music, following the beat of Guadeloupian tambourines, taking off with a curious Cuban pianist, and word has it that he will soon be alighting again, this time somewhere within the immensity of Brazil, on the look out for black Bahia. Mambo, bolero and other Cuban airs all flow onto the scores from the master of ceremonies’ pen, all made to order for this outing. Fast tempos alternate with sensual dance rhythms, classic meters bounce off irregular beats, dense chords melt into fleeting melodies. The music leaps off the paper and listening to it, you want to leap into the air. David’s big sound pours out of his solos, concomitantly clean and loyal to his searching open-minded spirit. A spirit that long ago set forth on its musical voyage, a personal story in search of a collective identity. And as is the result so often in the case of personal voyages, in traveling to distant lands, one demonstrates what’s in oneself. And in David’s case, what we see is furious energy and a joyous earthiness. An explosion. DAVID MURRAY WILL BE BACK ON TOUR: David Murray will be back on tour in 2004/2005 with different projects: - David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters: july/august 2004 - David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters: october/november 2004 - David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters: february 2005 - David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters: may 2005 - David Murray Quartet with Strings: october/november 2005  FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US :                                   3D Family50, rue Servan75011 Paris Fabrice Gogendeauprod@3dfamily.orghttp://www.3dfamily.orgPhone : +33 -240-245-377 -- Fax : +33-140-091-234  3D FAMILY ALSO REPRESENTS THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS: * DAVID MURRAY CREOLE PROJECT feat. 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