3D Family - Artists 2004 open dates for Italy

3D FAMILY 2004 OPEN DATESTo Italian promoters DAVID MURRAY CREOLE PROJECT (USA/F.W.I.)july 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 - july 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 BA CISSOKO (Guinea)september 30, october 2, 3 MAGIC MALIK ORCHESTRA (France)october 27, 28, 29, 31 MANOLITO Y SU TRABUCO (Cuba)june 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 - july 31, august 2 * * * * * DAVID MURRAY CREOLE PROJECT III (usa/guadeloupe) Jazz meets world music David Murray Creole Project III is a fusion of the harmonic structures of jazz, the rythmic accentuations of the Ka Drum of Guadeloupe, and the ritmalistic vocalization in the langage of creole. The group just completed its 3rd CD, recorded in the Caribbean which features the legendary tenor saxophonists Pharoah Sanders. The result of David and Pharoahs last collaboration " Blues for Coltrane " was a 88 Grammy Award. On stage, the growth of the improvisation, composition and interaction is evident. The group has developed into a genuine working band with a concept that often leaves audiences listening quite intensly and dancing in the ailes.THE LINE-UP: David Murray - tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinetHugh Ragin - trumpet (tbc)Hamid Drake - drumsJaribu Shahid - doublebass, electric bassFrancois Ladrezeau - gwo-ka drums, vocalsKlod Kiavue - gwo-ka drums, vocalsHerve Samb - guitar MAGIC MALIK ORCHESTRA (france)New jazz Magic Malik has moved on, improved, and succedeed in producing a nice mix of music made from the parts which form his universe, echoes of the world and improvised jazz, although certainly the result of a long, logical preparation. A unique composition of contemporary jazz. Switching effortlessly from the purest energy to long, floating sounds, this amazing flutist, who is also a vocalist, leads us towards an entertaining world, that is both poetic and full of rythms. His particular way of playing the flute and communicating with his fellow musicians have established him as a free player on a new musical stage. Every concert is a new pleasure for listeners.THE LINE-UP : Malik Mezzadri: Flutes and VoiceDenis Guivarch: Alto SaxOr Solomon: KeyboardsMaxime Zampieri: DrumsSarah Murcia: Doublebass MANOLITO Y SU TRABUCO (cuba)World music The leading timba band in Havana immerses itself more than ever before in the musical roots of the island to reinvent today’s Cuban music. At the head of this innovative dance orchestre, Manuel Simonet has gone from strength to strength as an arranger, his choice of singers being exemplery. Here there is a magnificent trio that unites all different styles. El Indio – a really big name in Cuban singers and a remarkable improviser - embodies tradition, while the young Ricardo Amaray emphasizes the sensuality of Latin pop. The newcomer Calunga covers the song’s romantic style to perfection. The band is a true stage machine - 15 musicians including string and brass sections. They shine brightly with the quality of their arrangement and the slick style of its execution, always showing that timba is all about dancing. BA CISSOKO (guinea)World music  First there is Ba Cissoko and his crystal-clear acoustic kora,. Then there is Sekou Kouyate, who plays the ancestor Mandingu harp in an insolent, almost Hendrix-style way. Kourou Kouyaté adds his bolon (African bass), and Ibrahim Bah his elastic drums. Four young Guineans, from Griot descent with a Mandingu culture, with daring and almost abrasive approach. The music originated in Africa, and is enriched by musical influences from further horizons. Pieces in Mandingu chosen from the ancestral epic and songs about daily news in soussou or peuhl : the repertoire of composer and arranger Ba is backed by a highly contemporary urban sound. A new Manding story to arouse the most relaxed. ALSO TOURING IN 2004/2005: * DAVID MURRAY CREOLE PROJECT feat. Pharoah Sanders (usa/guadeloupe) * OMAR SOSA (cuba) * HAPPY APPLE (usa)* MAGIC MALIK ORCHESTRA (france)* BONGA (angola)* BA CISSOKO (guinea)* LILA DOWNS (mexico) * MANOLITO Y SU TRABUCO (cuba)* RUMBA PALENQUERA "THE HERITAGE OF BATATA" (colombia)* TEOFILO CHANTRE (cape verde) * KARIM ZIAD (algeria)* WOPSO (f.w.i - guadeloupe)* TOTONHO E OS CABRA (brazil) For information, contact:3D Family50, rue ServanF - 75011 Paris  Fabrice Gogendeauprod@3dfamily.orghttp://www.3dfamily.orgPh : ++33 -240-245-377Fx : ++33-140-091-234