Akbank Jazz Festival

The most enthusiastically followed, genuine jazz festival in Turkey.
This festival, with its creative and courageous programming, offers a mix of new music, avant-garde jazz, electronica and straight ahead jazz -- making it by far the most progressively booked festival in Turkey.
For the last seventeen years, the Akbank Jazz Festival set itself apart for its constant attempts to look into the jazz tradition, its connections with contemporary jazz and other musical genres, and for introducing the most distinguished musicians and bands of classical / contemporary jazz, avant-garde jazz, latin jazz, electro-jazz and world music along with DJ performances to Turkish audiences.
This year, the events will take place in different locations spread out all over Istanbul. The festival will also engage audiences in Ankara and Izmir. Organized by Pozitif Productions, the 10 day festival features a roster of unique and well-loved domestic acts.

İstiklal Cad. 8
34435 Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 3340100
Fax: +90 212 2434527
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