Shared Roots of European Jazz

THE SHARED ROOTS OF EUROPEAN JAZZ - the first comprenshive pubblication on the history of jazz in Europe

The increased circulation of people and ideas within European jazz does not correspond to an awareness of a shared history. This is a missing key cultural and ideological frame of reference. A group of researchers will collect updated information about history and current situation of jazz in Europe. A conference will be organised to evaluate this information, in order to homogenize the structure and points of view. The work will be articulated in chapters for each country or areas as well as the analysis of subjects like jazz before jazz in Europe, Jewish and gypsy jazz, immigrants jazz. The resulting volume will present a linear narrative of the history and development of European jazz to be published in the main European languages and distributed throughout Europe as well as globally generating media awareness that will open new possibilities of circulation for young musicians both across Europe and globally in new markets.