Europe Jazz Balance


Starting from the Nordic experiences, a working group, composed of selected experts will be created to analyse the jazz scene from a norm-critical perspective, studying jazz sector being aware of the norms and exclusionary structures of gender identity, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, age. The working group will work using a system of video conference, studying the actual situation, sharing experiences and knowledge in this field, finalizing the results of their analysis/study/research in a face to face meeting. This preparatory activity will be followed by 2 conferences where the results will be discussed, with examples of good practices. This will lead to the development of a web-based tutorial program addressed to concert organizers, promoters and producers in order to give them all the information to put norm-criticism into practice, implement the organizational structure, that is: booking, how to arrange concerts, communication and marketing.



Svenskjazz website:

Announcement of the website launch at jazzahead! 2015 by EJN President Ros Rigby:

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